Godiva Holiday Wishes: Chocolate Gift Basket



Godiva Holiday Wishes: Chocolate Gift Basket

This gift basket makes it easy to celebrate with an endless assortment of dark chocolate pretzels, milk chocolate raisins, milk chocolate, creme brulee, white chocolate, strawberry cheesecake and lava cake chocolate truffles, milk chocolate caramels, chocolate truffle coffee, a milk chocolate caramel lion bar, dark chocolate hot cocoa, dark chocolate roasted almond bars and a milk chocolate graham cracker. This holiday assortment has a great combination of flavors to satisfy all of the chocolate connoisseurs on your gift list.


  • Godiva:
    • Milk Chocolate Caramels (2pc)
    • Dark Chocolate Cocoa (1pc)
    • Chocolate Truffle Coffee (2oz)
    • Milk Chocolate Covered Graham (1pc)
    • Milk Chocolate Truffle (2pc)
    • Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels (2pc)
    • Lava Cake Truffle (2pc)
    • White Chocolate Truffle (2pc)
    • Milk Chocolate Caramel Lion Bar (1.1oz)
    • Dessert Truffles (4.2oz)
    • Dark Chocolate Roasted Almond Mini Bars (3.1oz)
    • Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins (1.2oz)

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Weight 6.0 kg